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We've had the 2010 dodge charger for a little over 3 years and if we new what a piece of junk this car was we would have never purchased it. My husband has taken it to a dodge dealership several times trying to figure out why it is always leaking battery acid.

First they told him it was because he needed a new key fob and when that didn't work they said he needed to replace his battery. The battery has been replace several times since we've had the car and with different brands as well, but it always leaks battery acid. He took it again recently and they told him the battery is fine and there's nothing wrong with the car, mean while the trunk is full of battery acid. Another issue it has is when he's on the highway it shakes a lot.

We thought it had to be a break issue and took it to the dodge dealership and were assured that the car was "fine", so as we no longer trust them we took it to an independent mechanic and he also said they could not find anything wrong with the vehicle. I don't know how these people are making their cars today, but there is no pride in their work if they're sending death machines out into the world and aren't responsible enough to correct their mistakes.

They should definitely have a class action suit set against them. How can you see a trunk full of battery acid coming out of the battery and insist that nothing is wrong with the car?

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It's 9 years old and you're not the original owner. What can you possibly expect except more repairs and frustrations ?

Cars used to start their death rattle at about 50,000 miles or 4 / 5 years. Consider yourself lucky.

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