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Had money in my pocket, wanted a Larime Long horn. $67k.

Went to dealer an was told we have to take $1250 discount away , because it’s assumed because I was looking at a expensive truck that my credit score would be higher that 660.. Really!!! Because I worked hard , protected my credit I loose $1250 discount.... I am dam sick an tired of supporting the have nots in this world..

As far as Chrysler/ Dodge goes .. drop dead I sure don’t need to spend my money with anyone that does business like that ...

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They saved you. Dodge has the worst service department ever.

In the last 10 years I have had 2 Nissan and two dodges.

I never have rude or bad technicians at Nissan as I do dodge. Last weekend I took my 13 Durango in and was thinking of trading it for a newer one, but after another service department letdown I will pay extra gas milage and look at nissan

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