yes me and my fiance went to community chrysler-dodge-jeep when it was time to test drive a car larry schwab so called sales person hoped in the front seat with my fiance and i was forced to ride in the rear and the seat was doing a lot of pain i asked him why is this seat so foward he said it lays foward and that was it i was smart enough to grab his business card before he showed his *** and his mananger ran hid mouth on me i slamed the phone down im not a back seat man and this sales *** made popcorn spilled butter all over him self all over the floor as he watched my ladys breast best thing i never owned a chrysler dodge jeep never will and i own a auto repair and sell cars 30 years

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I couldn't even decipher what the complaint was.


no you don't own anything. no you don't sell cars. and no you cannot put together a proper sentence.

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