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We bought a truck from Team Douche about 4 years ago. The loan is now upside down because the truck isn't worth what we paid for it.

Our fault for letting them scam us. When the drive shaft broke, we asked them to order us one. They told us they did not carry them anymore and they were discontinued. The truck is a 2004.

I insisted that they find the part for me, and finally talked to a polite person, Jay, who told me he could get the part in. They ordered the part, and said it was compatable. We had a mechanic put it in and it drove fine for a week. Then it broke, the drive shaft bent and damaged the transmission.

I called and talked to one of their salesman and told him the problem, and his reply was, "So what?" I got angry with him and finally got a manager on the phone. The manager said that they were not responsible because we had the wrong part put in the truck.

So we had to take the truck to a transmission place, had to have the transmission rebuilt, replace the driveshaft, and the u-joints at $1900. So now we own a piece of *** Team Douche truck that's not worth the money we owe or have put into it.

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We also had a bad experience with Team Dodge a while back. We had a deal on financing and when we went in to get the car the paperwork was wrong (to their benefit, naturally). After a lot of arguing, they finally honored our original deal.

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada #249683

Bob--you really dont no what youre talking about, do you? I had my loan SOLD to Santander when my loan company went out of business.

I was never late on my payments. You judge someone by the name of a auto loan company?

Really. Make a valid argument or go back and sit behand your desk at Team Dodge.

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada #249681

We have dealt with Team Dodge b4 and they were rude . No one wanted to help and the cars on their lot wer way overpriced. I wouldn't do business there.


First of all, if you click on Janakay you will notice she is financed with Santander, who is the world's largest finance source for people that can't optain financing anywhere else because they have horrible credit. They usually charge the state max limit on interest rates and have finance charges in excess of $5,000 that are typically added to the loan.

So of course you are going to be upside down for the duration of the loan. Not anyones fault but the consumer for not paying their bills and having horrible credit. Looks like to me they were lucky to even get a truck.

Then they took the driveshaft and had one of their drunk buddies install it and probably didn't clock the u-joints which would cause any driveshaft to break. Who's the douche now?


none of that makes any sense?


what a ***.

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