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Dodge just produced one of the most irresponsible and reckless commercials currently on TV. The commercial features two dads street racing their cars in a blizzard.

Both of the dads have their families in their cars and even portray the kids from each family taunting each other. Both cars have Christmas trees on their respective roof tops and the needles are blown off by the "incredible speed" of the two cars racing. I can't believe Dodge would be this foolish to glamorize street racing with little kids in the car. If one considers the damage and death toll attributed to street racing this could be one of the most insensitive commercials ever produced by a car company.

Great job Dodge! Let's hope this one "backfires" in your pocket book!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dodge Commercial.

Reason of review: Irresponsible Advertising.

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Thanks to the current round of Dodge commercials on TV, I will never consider buying their product.


First of all I "hate" retro muscle cars! I grew up when "real" muscle cars were here.

Secondly people who drive these "new" Dodge muscle cars are a bunch of "clowns!". They drive like they're professional race car drivers and they're NOT! FCC should make Dodge pull these commercials and fine the sh** out of them! Too many idiots on the road trying to emulate these commercials!

Take that stupidity to the track!

***! Fake retro muscle cars are a joke!


I haven't seen the commercial. But I have seen and read the reviews posted many Dodge owners and ex-owners in regards to all things Dodge and Chrysler related.

Speaking of related, take notice in the Dodge warranty of service paperwork or online where it states the warranty shall become void if the vehicle has been used for racing. Yet Dodge will make a commercial of their vehicles racing.

Either it's brilliant or stupid on their part. Or both?

Stupid for reasons such as poster mentioned.

Brilliant from a business perspective since Dodge would be 'free' from honoring customers warranty issues because people voided their warranty.

That saves Dodge money.

It's a shame Dodge (Challengers/Chargers) seat belts and air bags don't save lives. Again, saves Dodge money. Makes Dodge money.

Lure new customers through commercials.

"Look kids, Big Ben...Parliment"- Clark Griswald


Chrysler is an irresponsible auto manufacturer. All the cars they build now are foolish, wasteful retro inspired muscle cars.

Well, since the CEO of Fiat Chrysler has been trying to sell or merge Chrysler with another auto maker, and not getting any takers, it looks like Chrysler's auto division may soon be history.

As far as I'm concerned Chrysler should've died 40 years ago. Enough is enough with their poorly constructed and engineered automobiles that have consistently scored rock bottom on JD Powers listings.


Who wouldent want to race with a chritsmas tree on their roof? Sounds fun

San Diego, California, United States #1259434

This ad shows immense irresponsibility and stupidness at

Dodges executive level. Maybe they need to meet one of

these cars in action to DRIVE the point home.

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