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If you want Slick Hair and Fancy Service In Take, then this is the service department for you. They are liars and cons but their service department sure looks nice and I now know why Dippity Doo stays in business.

They even have an Espresso Stand! But have you ever wonder how they afford it all? It's because they rip the naive customer off and over charge on all services. They will tell you something needs to be replaced that doesn't.

I took my NEW Dodge Ram in for them to repair the TPMS light. They would not repair it because my truck was 430 miles over the 36K warranty they said covered the light. However, they would be happy to fix it for twice as much as anyone other repair shop. I even showed them that I had contacted several Dodge dealers while I was on the road for business, which at the time was over a thousand miles under warranty; but they did not care.

If they can make a buck they will. I also watched Kelly as he tried to avoid helping a Hispanic man who had bought the extended warranty on his new Dodge. The man advised that he bought the expensive extended warranty from Dwayne Lanes but Kelly didn't care.

It's all about how much money Dwayne Lane can make, but if you like the pomp and circumstance when you pull your car in for service. If you want to be ripped off then Dwayne Lanes is the place for you....they have some Dippity Doo service for you!

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Guess I should state:



In regards to the comment that any service department would not help or even attempt to address an EXTENDED WARRANTY CUSTOMER because there was no money in it for them... the dealerships get paid by the warranty companies for the repairs.

It is the warranty company itself that assumed the risk factor by covering any particular vehicle. And as far as any service department not helping a hispanic customer? Seriously now! The Snohomish Skagit county region has such a large resident and seasonal hispanic population that any business would suffer greatly by not helping any single hispanic customer.

They are a very close knit community and they can and will black list any business that does so. Conversely, a business that treats them well will be rewarded with many additional business opportunities within days. I happen to know these things first hand. Most typically, a dealership will go to bat for you and spend a lot of time getting your repair "GOODWILLED" by the manufacturer.

However, I will tell you that this is the time where you do not want to through your attitude and superiority complex around. Mama always told me you get more bees with honey than vinegar. Goodwilling warranty work happens daily. This will not allow you to go in 1,000's of miles later, but your 30, 50, 300, 500 mile overage can easily be overlooked.

Also, remember that your warranty takes effect at the mileage on your new vehicle when you take delivery, not zero miles. An exception is when the vehicle was placed into demo service by the dealer, so your demo with 2500 miles on it has lost the 2500 miles of coverage but retains the full amount of time of coverage. Dwayne Lanes has maintained an A rating with the better business bureau and has nothing but positive reviews by consumers elsewhere on the web. And folks?

Don't expect any dealer to give you a firm and concrete service estimate over the phone! That does not happen, there are always too many variables. Even the car wash, if you show up and your vehicle is muddy, they will make you pay the extra $2 for a mud charge. So yes they can give you a ball park, but until they diagnose WHY the TPMS light is on, they don't know how much it will cost to fix it!

They might be able to put 2 pounds of air in and say no charge, but if the sensor is out, those can run $200 per wheel. And if you really were on the road driving past other dealerships, they would have taken notice of your warranty expiration mileage and encouraged you to fix it NOW not later. Again, each shop is paid by the manufacturer for new car warranty work. So as a consumer, just use your common sense so you don't have to place blame on others.

An example: Customer buys 1 yr old used car. First oil change at dealer, small fluid leak noticed. Shop says remind us to look at that next oil change because it is not faulty now but a warranty item. Customer agrees.

Shows up 23,000 miles later for oil change. Now it is faulty but 5k over warranty.

Why would the dealer try for goodwill coverage when the customer doesn't even change the oil but every 23,000 miles! Customer was very mad, but at his own deficiencies he caused the problem.

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