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Dear Sirs, I am a portuguese Dodge Owner It is with great sadness that I address myself to you. Until recently he was a happy owner of a Dodge Journey RXT, acquired in June 2010.

I was very anxious to hear of the long awaited arrival of the Dodge to Europe and I did not wait long until I had a Dodge. But my joy was replaced by some frustration when I heard of Dodge's decision to leave Europe. When I learned that they gave the brand as noble a brand as Dodge to a brand with such a terrible repatuation as FIAT, my frustration gave way to fear. Suddenly he had a car he wanted, but he would have to keep up with Europe's worst brand in terms of maintenance.

Therefore, my car was NEVER seen at FIAT service centers, I preferred to do most of the maintenance at BOSCH CAR SERVICE, and other centers. In March of this year (2107) my car had a sensor problem, stopped on the freeway and did not pick up, at BOSCH CAR SERVICE I was advised to go to a FIAT care center because they would be the only ones able to repair this sensor . I put the car in FIAT with great fear ... and the problems started.

I repeat, the car entered FIAT only and only to change a sensor. I took the car trip to the supposed DODGE representative in Europe, and I asked that the CRUISE CONTROL, the interior lights control and the door control be repaired. I also asked for a global diagnosis to the car to see if I needed any more parts. The car entered the FIAT Service Center on March 6, it took 16 days (!

???) to be able to order the sensor, I repeat, 16 days to order a sensor !!! However, the car did not only need a sensor, after mounting the sensor, diagnosed that it was necessary to take a gun, I ordered the repair, which was concluded only on April 24. 49 days have passed. Finally my car was delivered to me, and according to the FIAT service center, I had no problem.

I paid a total of 2 300,00 of arrangement. After 10 days, the car came to a stop on the freeway. I sent the car back to Fiat, the chief mechanic, Mr. Luis Miguel Rodrigues, informed me by telephone that FIAT had mounted the injector upside down, because of that fact, the timing belt had "passed" and the engine needed Of deep repair.

49 days to mount an injector upside down and in a car that needed a sensor, it had to have a deep intervention in the engine. The car took about 10 days to repair, when I went to get the car I made a point of talking to the chief mechanic, Mr. Luis Miguel Rodrigues to make sure the car had been properly repaired. The chief mechanic was on vacation, and they told me what to do.

Srgio. When I asked Mr. Srgio what the guarantee was that the car was properly repaired, he replied: "Look, let's have faith!" I lifted the car, and as soon as I left the FIAT service center, the car turned on the Airbag light and the Air Conditioner was not working. I returned immediately to the FIAT service center and reported the malfunction, indicating that the car did not have this malfunction when it entered there on March 6, Mr.

Duarte Amilcar, informed me that the workshop said that these breakdowns And Air Conditioning) were already in place when the car entered the FIAT assistance center, when I asked how they could say this if the car had always arrived in tow and not working, Mr. Duarte Amilcar could not answer me, To repeat the information he had from the workshop. I informed him that I would not accept any other solution than repairing this fault on account of the FIAT service center, since the car had never had this malfunction before entering the FIAT service center , And that it was very strange that in the exact places where the assistance center of the FIAT intervened, more failures happened, in the engine when the substitution of the injector and sensor and in the steering wheel c Om the replacement of the interior lights and cruise control. This episode happened on a Friday.

The following Monday, Mrs. Maria de Ftima Cardoso, called me to report the malfunction and ask if I wanted them to budget for the repair. I informed her that she would not accept anything other than repairing the faults that occurred while the car was being delivered to the FIAT assistance center. On the following Wednesday, the same Mrs.

told me that my car had been repaired on behalf of the FIAT assistance center, and that it was ready to be lifted. After all these problems I can not have any kind of confidence in the assistance center of FIAT, so I asked for a report of all the interventions made in my car. Mrs Maria de Fatima then sent me the invoices for the interventions made With the exception of the broken engine repair report. I asked why she did not send me the same, and Mrs.

Maria de Fatima told me that she did not know about this intervention. As you might imagine, at this point I was terribly suspicious of the intentions of the FIAT service center. How is it possible to ignore such a serious error that it has resulted in a broken engine? Why did not you give me the report as a request?

I informed her that I would not pick up my car until the report was delivered to me, and Mrs. Maria de Fatima informed me that it would be delivered on July 3, 14 days after my request (!?) At this moment I can not believe the intentions of the FIAT service center or rely on its technicians, so I demanded a technical inspection of my car by an external entity, I made this request on June 23, to this day (June 30) I have not had any response from the FIAT service center.

I ask you to give me your opinion on what to do at the moment. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Repair.

Reason of review: FIAT assistance.

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