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its funny when you go to buy a car how nice they are want to please you then when u tell them things are wrong they tell you there is nothing its normal and as a women i believed them, when its rusting seat ripping carpet to small paint faiding wont *** right hesitates knocks all normal i love the car hate the problems i have and really hate being taking advantage of never again ill go chevy or as much as i hate to say it toyota honda over seas they make them like america should its sad to say.

Monetary Loss: $48000.

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Take care of you car and you wont have the paint fade. I own a Dodge Charger and the paint on it still looks like it just came off the dealer floor.

Cause I wash my car and take care of it. If you leave bird *** on your car in the sun and never wash your car, your paint will fade and the bird *** will make the paint flake off and rust. Even if you own a $100,000 Mercedes you will still have the same problem. If you own a Hemi the engine natuarally has something called the Hemi Tick.

It sounds like it has no oil but its just the was the engine sounds. The Hemi also has something called Hemi Surge. You could be sitting at a stop light and the engine will surge. This is normal for these cars.

I have had my Charger since 2008 with no problems.

The car isnt the problem YOU are the problem. Take care of your car !

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