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We bought the 2010 Dodge Gran Caravan from Sorensons in Lake Wales Fl. Since we are disabled we did not look at the engine at the time of purchase because the sles person told us we were buying one of the executives cars that was cared for like a baby. Once home we had the car looked over and found that the engine was almost held together by electrical tape and had rust on the engine. The rotors on the brakes were silver painted color. We sent a certified letter canceling the contract the next day to Mr. Weathersbee but he refused to cancel the deal. So a few weeks later we were driving down a road at 60 miles and hour and the engine failed to run. It stopped working. Same dealership said nothing is wrong. Last week took car to Tom Edwards in Bartow Florida for an oil change. My shiney silver rotors are now 2 blue and 2 rusty ones. I called the service manager chris and he said the rain washed away the silver paint. I do not drive in the rain. They were like this when I was at the dealership but when I turned around to ask what happened there was not a person in sight to help me. I looked at the engine and it had instead of rubber hoses more tape black and silver tape. So again I contacted Crysler and talked to Ryan and he made me a case since other Doge Caravans with similar complaints have been declared unsafe and were under the lemon law for replacement. David from Western USA refused to give me a supervisor and his address except to say Western USA. He sided with the dealership ans said rain could wash away the paint and cause rust. I told him three times I do not drive in the rain and it was sunny the day the tires were rotated with my oil change. He told me the car was sold to me as is and I told him if he would check his computer he would find I have a full warranty. Sure enough he said you do but understand it is still sold as is.He blamed us for not looking at the engine at time of purchase but I again told him we had a car expert check the car out the next day and then tried to cancel the contract. This car is a lemon and we need to get a replacement or a full refund. No one at Chrylser is helping us. I contacted the CEO as well and got no where.

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Still driving an unsafe car. Need a good attorney.

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You will not find an attorney here, this is where people complain, not troll for lawyers. Using a disability as an excuse not to have a car checked out by a mechanic is so wrong on many levels.

You make it sound like disabled are too *** to check out things before buying. Your laziness is no excuse.

If you had popped the hood or took it to a mechanic, you wouldnt be stuck with a crappy car. Enjoy!

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