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I was hit on the driver's front wheel / fender and the knee buffer air bag deployed along with the dash and stearing wheel air bags. My legs were immediately pinned back against my seat and felt like they were on fire!

I could not get free from this burning hot steel plate that was crushing my legs! A few minutes later when EMS arrived, my legs had already begun to swell and bruise. It is now 2 weeks later and along with the massive bruising that is beginning to go away, I have a huge deep hematoma topped with a massive blood blister on the left aspect of each lower leg. I can hardly walk and it feels like my legs are going to rip apart as they still swell daily.

This is a warning to those of you who have 2005 or newer dodge mini vans - that "safety feature" can crush the bones, muscles and blood vessels in your lower legs as well as bruise your inner thighs, not to mention the fact that you legs will be burned. As far as I can tell, dodge is the only vehicle that has this knee buffer.

I have owned 2 other mini vans and loved them so much that I drove them for over250,000 miles. But I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER DODGE MINI VAN!

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File a complaint with the NTSB and hire an attorney who will take the case on a contingent basis. Sue them.

These airbags are propelled by an awful lot of force, being shot out at terrific speed and force---in your case, perhaps too much force. A design flaw.

Which they should be responsible for. Good luck

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