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i bought a brand new 2010 dodge ram- 38k$ - at least clean it - detail it - scrape stickers off windows- put floor mats down!! at time of purchase i was told come back any time to get the truck bed lined for 400$ - sounded good- well i used my check card for the down payment- and the rookies at rairdon double charged it.

wiping out my checking account causing a overdraft fee and me not able to purchase my insurance in full and getting the pay in full discount.

- because of rairdon they cost me over 600$ additional!! i complained and complained- after speaking to every body in there office - over 1 week later i get refunded and they ask if there is anything they can do to make it up to me- i say yes - in fact i would like to get my truck bed lined and would appreciate it if you could get me a better price on it- im more than willing to pay more- rairdon jovial says " $1.00 down to 399.00$" i didnt know if rairdon was joking or not so i called back and got the same answer and this time it seemed like i was bugging them- since i needed to drop off my truck for a few days to get the work done i had asked if i could get a loaner, the response i got was " ill see if i can can get you some old cheap car to drive" --- i just gave them 38k$ - i will never shop at any rairdon again- i will make sure no family shops at rairdon ever- i will make sure no friends shop at rairdon- i will make sure none of my clients ever shop at rairdon- these idiots at rairdon do not appreciate word of mouth and taking care of a customer- good luck- you will never get my bussiness again

Monetary Loss: $38.

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