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May 2 my truck does not want to start i get it hauled to the star dodge dealership, they keep it for 12 days when they finally return it to me ,they say they fixed a relay and a fuse and that it was ready to go ! I drive it for 2 weeks when it stops running again ,i take it back know they say its the fuel pump so they "fix" it and a week later its ready !

They call me a saturday to go pick it up , this day we had a party yo go to an hour away from home , on our way to the party we start hearing a noice u der the truck , on monday i get a call from the dealership and they ask me if i was satisfied with their job and i let them now about the noice they tell me to fell free to take it ( this was on monday two days after i picked it up ) i take it back on Wednesday and the service guy ( Jonathan from star dodge in big srping ) drives ot around and says that that noice has nothing to do with what they worked on , that it was from under the hood and it was nothing serious!! I let him know that i was going to travel 10 hrs away from home i ask him if it was safe he says yes !!! So friday of that same week 2 days later i am on the road with my family and in san Antonio texas the bar from under the truck falls in the expressway!! I call tbe dealership to ask for help they say to take it to the nearest dodge dealership , i take it to Ancira dodge they say they will take a look and let me now what the problem was !

Sure enough I get a text 3 days later stating that the problem was with my truck ! That their mechanics had nothing to do with it!!! My problem is that in order to work with my gas pump they messed with the bar !!!

My bar has perfect before they put their hands on it !!!!! So now they made me paid for it

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Your complaint is too long to read in its entirety. Allow me to add, however, that after 35 years of loyalty and dozens of vehicles for our family and companies, I dropped Chrysler like a hot potato after they tried (unsuccessfully) to steal about $8000.00 from me and were totally uncooperative before, during, and after the fact.

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