Alexandria, Ontario
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My friend had been in an accident Thursday 13/2014 between 2:20pm and 2:30 pm. He tried to stop but his truck just slid, we slid at least 20 feet.

He hit another vehicle at 20 to 30 km an hour. The front end is smashed and the rad is done. The driver door won't close and the entire front left side is smashed. My friend and I where in the front seat; the air bags did not deploy.

For the severity of the accident they should have. There was also three people in the back seat, they are ok, reluctantly.

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Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #1330476

Very similar incident with 2013 Dodge Durango on May 13, 2017. Car accelerated to high speed while backing out of parking spot at rest area.

Applied brake as heavily as humanly possible, to no avail. Car crashed into two other vehicles parked behind, jumped curb and broke axle, finally stopping in grassy area. No injuries, but extensive damage to all vehicles.

Police report and damage estimate pending. Will notify NHTSA,, Consumer Affairs, and other agencies when all document have been obtained.

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