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My husband couldnt recall the accident being he was knocked unconcoius,he was sighted neg 2 police stated he fell asleep.I knew this was wrong I heard the snap.After sideswiping a car going thru two fences two yards and crashing into in a huge shop, where a huge 4x4 board when it came thru our windshield nearly taking my life.My husband and children would think My husband had killed me.When in fact I knew it was a tie rod failure,there was so much evidence no one at the scene noticed. frustrated because my insurance wasn't fighting for me due to the police report.

Even though I had plenty of evidence it was the tie rod. The work order states balljoints beyond specifications Lythia a dodge dealer having my truck for five days released a unsafe vehicle to me saying there was some more warrenty repairs to be authorized. Only to have a accident 39 miles later, I contacted chrysler telling them of the accident and it was the tie rod they gave me a case no would talk to me saying a independent investigator would be here. I was not surprised to hear he found the tie rod and ball joint broke due to accident not cause of it.

And they dismissed my claim one year later I get a recall letter telling me the tie-rod needs replaced !! It total my vehicle, and I have not able to been worked since.

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The work order states that two U joints were replaced. There's no mention at all of balljoints or tierods, and tierods are very easy to check and would be on a vehicle inspection as they wear.

If one failed, the wheel wouldn't turn much from straight ahead, but it would pull on the steering wheel. In short, you should be able to stop safely. I had one car where a suspension joint (not a tie rod) separated at 50mph and the wheel turned outwards about 60 degrees. That left the blackest skid mark I ever saw.

I didn't crash, I was able to hold it straight until I stopped. That was without power steering

I suspect the police are right about your husband falling asleep.

Dallas, Texas, United States #939810

Stop trying to cover for your husband.He was either sleep or Probably High.


If "neg 2 cops" saw him, I assume that means -2 officers. Which would be...what exactly, two criminals?

Or were the cops just, very negative?

to Heydrich #1039101

He was *cited for negligence,* 2 police stated he fell asleep.

Bartow, Florida, United States #925761

I'll just be honest. The only way you get in this bad of an accident is if the tie rod end or inner tie rod end leaves the rack and pinion assembly. Which is unlikely.

Galt, California, United States #901976

Learn F'ing English.

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