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Dodge just produced one of the most irresponsible and reckless commercials currently on TV. The commercial features two dads street racing their cars in a blizzard. Both of the dads have their families in their cars and even portray the kids from each family taunting each other. Both cars have Christmas trees on their respective roof tops and the needles are blown off by the "incredible speed" of the two cars racing. I can't believe Dodge would... Read more

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  • Oct 24
  • #942404

Very bad experience with my new vehicle and very upset

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To much air pressure in rear tires of 2016 2500 crew cab pickup. At manufactures air pressure the back tires brake traction of the road surface when wet. The traction control light come on . Abs system surges three or four times. When you take of on a slight up hill grade the tires brake traction and spin. they tell me to call the tire company. I have called customer service twelve time . Went to dealer four times . NO SATISFACTION! ! ! I am... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 30
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Made a recall appt 3 weeks ago. Drove 1 hour, dropped off my truck, drove back later in the afternoon and they said sorry we'll have to order the recall parts. Ridiculous

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I went to a chrysler dodge dealer in harrisburg pa to buy a pacifica. My payments would have been too high i ended up buying a dodge caravan with absolutely no options un be known to me until later. We ran out of time so i just took the vehicle only to discover it has absolutely nothing. Granted i should have looked more thoroughly but if you look at a high end vehicle wouldn't you think the salesman would let you know your getting nothing? ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 20
  • #922609

Pushy rood and ripping return buyers off

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I am the owner of a Dodge Dart that has been in the shop 12 different times since i bought it brand new. Dodge Customer Care is a complete joke. They have hung up on me, yelled at me, left me on hold for over an hour, and cussed at me. I am worrying a review while sitting on hold after my "Customer Care Rep" hung up on me on while refusing to answer a simple question. I have already filled one complaint against her. The reps name is Sharon.... Read more

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It has been another whole year and still nothing from the Dodge dealership no letter no nothing of concern it is what it is just money what the bottom line boils down to my wife and daughter could have been killed and do you think the Dodge dealership give a "BLANK" (you can guess what the blank stands for), if I wasn't so upside down payments for this car I promise you I would trade it off I would love for everyone out there to take a day and ... Read more

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Iv raced built dodge car sence i was a kid .seem s to me all car comp.chevy , dodge ,ford if you. Pay 35 to 60.000 for a. Car or what ever it might be you whould think some. One whoulld be heald responsable. For letting you knw the right feed back on the. Problem they are saying charging. What they want think if you put a deficted car out on the market lests say 4.7 this motor is a big pice of s***. And they knew it and did the same thing... Read more

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On Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 my Dodge charger would not start up. I had my vehicle towed to a shop at 01:00pm where they performed multiple test. I was informed by the shop that they could not find the problem and I should have it looked at by the dealer. At 05:30pm I contacted a staff member at Marty Cancila Dodge about my situation. He informed me that their closing time was 06:00 pm and I could leave my vehicle for them to check in the morning.... Read more

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